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2018 Allied Media Conference

Check out the FULL Design Justice track at the Allied Media Conference 2018!

Friday, June 15


Design Against Design - Marie Noelle Hebert • Kevin Yuen Kit Lo • Lolo Sirois


#MoreThanCode: Findings from the Tech 4 Social Justice Field Scan - Sasha Costanza-Chock • Helyx Chase Scearce Horwitz • T4SJ Project Partners


Choose Your Adventure: DIY Future Architecture Comic - Aaron Jones


Community-Based Approaches for UX and Design Research - Amelia Abreu

De-mechanize Design: This is not a PosterKatie Diamond • Liz Morgan


Saturday, June 16


Truly Accessible Spaces: Designing WITH Disabled Organizers - Elea Chang • Melissa Chavez

Designing Possibilities for the Wellbeing of Black Women - Denise Shanté Brown • N'Deye Diakhate


Two Breast Pump Hackathons and Counting - Ignazio • Catherine D&amp • Anjanette Davenport Hatter • Alexis Hope • Kate Krontiris • Rachael Lorenzo • Becky Michelson


Subversive Design: Exploring Power in Design Practice - Julia Kong • Brooke Staton

Who "They" Is: Humanizing the Built EnvironmentAlexandria Barnes • Bradley Cooper • Madison Schillig


Design Justice Network Planning Session - Danielle Aubert • Victoria Barnett • Sasha Costanza-Chock • Ebony Dumas • Una Lee • Victor Moore


Sunday, June 17


Imaginación Post-___: Designing Justice After Disaster - Cynthia Burgos López • Alexandra Llegus Santiago • Sofía Unanue


Adventures in Co-Design! - Una Lee