Design Justice Network Principles

These principles have been developed and modified over the last three years through the Design Justice Network and it's members and allies at the Allied Media Conference. It is meant to be used and shared and changed as needed.
This is a living document.

1. We use design to dismantle structures that exploit nature and the human experience through systems of domination. Simultaneously, we use design to sustain, heal, and empower communities as we birth a sustainable future. 

2. We center and empower voices that are most marginalized, in both design processes and outcomes.

3. We prioritize a community’s insights in the design process over the input of a designer.

4. Design justice unfolds through a process which centres those who will be most impacted.

5. We have reimagined the role of the designer as a facilitator, rather than an expert.

6. We believe in the innate brilliance of living beings, and in our capacity to use expertise gained from experience to contribute in unique ways to design processes.

7. We collectivize design knowledge and tools in service of liberation.

8. We strive to find non-exploitative solutions that connect us to the earth and each other.

9. In addition to creating new solutions, we employ approaches that already work outside of colonialist and capitalist logic. We resurface and honor local knowledge that has been undermined or erased.

10. Our collaborative processes result in sustainable, community-led and controlled outcomes.

11. We use design processes not just to address problems linked to various forms of injustice, but to build community, to heal, to experience joy, and to bring our visions of the future to life.

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